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beware theres yaoi ahead ;P


watch out its full of gays ;P


so I've started to accumulate a lot of overwatch screen shots on my computer...I'm very tempted to post them just for the hell of it... 
Overwatch ship meme
hey guys, i got bored so i thought i'd fill out an overwatch ship meme because why the hell not? Anyways i'm apparently a very passive overwatch shipper which is rare for me 030. I EVEN HAVE SOME STRAIGHT SHIPS! D: 
basically my fave ships are Reaper76, WidowTracer, Meihem (be nice haters >3<), McHanzo, Genyatta, Pharmercy, LucioxDVA, and finally (i think) ReinxAna. 
so yeah! :3 sadly i don't have a link to the blank version of this meme but it's pretty easy to find if you google it. 
both the meme and overwatch aren't mine, i'm just a hopeless fangirl XP
the expressions of Danny-Meme
I was bored and wanted try another meme. i used the same character creator as before which is this game… and made it in MS paint because i'm trash! X3 but anyways i hope you guys like it. i didn't do the yandere cause i have strong feelings about them -3-
this is the original meme msdbznerdakamarik6.deviantart.…
and if you wanna know who this adorable little baby is then go here! msdbznerdakamarik6.deviantart.…
Overwatch endeavors
Hey guys, long time no see. at the moment i'm super busy playing Overwatch and doing school work to work on my writing, which sucks cause i had started working on a new story before school started back up and i haven't been able to work on it since. Anyways i made this on rinmaru as a new profile picture but then i remembered that my current one is really cool so i thought i'd post this anyways just for fun. This has basically been my life for the last three weeks. Overwatch hit me hard and now it's all i think about...that and school work so yeah. hope you guys like me being a salty little reaper player. ;)…
well guys spring quarter is officially over for me so now i have a three week break before summer quarter then after summer quarter ill have a three month break for fall quarter!
anyways i'm rambling at this point.
Danny's birthday is coming up on the 28th so i MAY write a little birthday story for him like i did for Chris but no promises. i also might submit more for Tenish and Rennivath since i have quite a few huge stories typed up and ready to go for them! I also might try and do some writing memes that i recently found! 030

anyways i just thought i'd give you guys an update since I've been severely neglecting DA lately :/ not because i don't love you guys but because life has just been crazy lately ^^'    
  • Listening to: Jacksepticeye
  • Reading: lots and lots of gay porn
  • Watching: way too much youtube
  • Playing: OVERWATCH!!
  • Eating: soft foods for my teeth
  • Drinking: water

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Kassie or Josi if you perfer
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello, my name is Kassie. I'm an amateur author and currently in my first year of college. At the moment most of the stuff I post on DA revolves around my original stories and memes associated with the characters of these stories. Probably my better known story is "The Goth and the Nerd" but I also have a few other stories posted on this site as well as a crap ton of fanfiction! However I don't really write much fan fiction anymore. :/

My main genera of choice is homosexual romance also known as yaoi but I do have some straight couples mixed in...if you squint...really hard. 030

I tend to check into DA at least twice a week so if you ever wanna talk gays, games, or anime then feel free to send me a message! ;3

you can also fine me here… youtube tumblr wattpad

also 99% of the time my icons and ids are not actually mine i get them from the internet so yeah :D

just couse i didn't feel like ceeping this in my signicher enymore im putting it here
:happybounce: :skullbones: I :heart: Icons :headbang: :turbopoke:


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